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Outplacement is the support service provided by responsible organizations, keen to support individuals who are exiting the business involuntarily, to help them transition to new careers. Following a layoff or workforce restructuring, outplacement services are provided at no cost to employees and through these services, an individual can receive a freshly written, targeted and optimized resume and social profile, personalized career coaching and access to highly targeted job leads. In addition to helping employees land their next role, offering outplacement support can help organizations reduce costs, protect their employer brand, retain employees and drive productivity among remaining staff, along with other benefits.

By partnering with Randstad RiseSmart, organizations can offer employees who must leave an organization access to coaching, resume and job concierge services, and access to online resources, to help them successfully navigate to the next opportunity, whether it is a new job, contract work, entrepreneurship, volunteer work or creative retirement. Learn how compassionate outplacement can strengthen your employer brand and help your organization maintain the morale and productivity of remaining employees, among other benefits, along with actionable tips to drive outplacement effectiveness.

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